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LA LUCHA CONTINUA: El Peligro Invisible de las Antenas,Es un Peligro de Verdad.Si callamos Enfermamos.Pero no nos vamos a callar: Vamos Todos a Gritar: !Antenas Fuera de la Ciudad!.

Olle Johansson, Ph.D. 23/11/2013 , Barcelona (Sp) Health Effects of EMF:A Neurocientist's Views.

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Request to sign SELETUN APPEL to all the scientists of the world. Link below. Thank you.

Petición para suscribir EL LLAMAMIENTO DE SELETUN a todos los científicos del mundo en el link más abajo. ******************************************************* SELETUN APPEL to deliver in front of the Mobile World Congress February 14, 2011 in Barcelona , at 19.00 p.m. A group of volunteers READ MORE HERE ****************************************************** LAMAMIENTO DE SELETUM. Entrega el 14 de febrero a las 19 horas en el World Mobile Congress of Barcelona, a las 19.00 horas. Este día es el día de San Valanetín, el día de los enamorados, nosostros estamos enamorados de la telefonía con hilos y pedimos el divorcio de la telefonía sin hilos, de la radiación por microondas! *************************************************** Click here to sign SELETUN APPEL

Jornadas de Bioarquitectura:11 vídeos a falta de las Ponencias del próximo 27 Septiembre de 2013.

Jornades de Bioarquitectura - Ponència de Patricia-Montserrat Ferrer
y 11 vídeos más que corresponden a las Jornadas del 24 de Mayo y 18 de Junio de 2013. Falta la Jornada del 27 de Septiembre de 2013.

martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Event: SUPPORT THE MANIFESTO International Day Against EMF /Evento : APOYO AL MANIFIESTO Día internacional contra CEM

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Lucha Contaminación Electromagnética: 24 de Junio de 2011 Día internacional contra contaminación el
El Peligro Invisible de las antenas,Es un Peligro de Verdad.Si callamos Enfermamos.Pero no nos vamos a callar:Vamos Todos a Gritar Antenas Fuera de la Ciudad
--> Electromagnetic Pollution Fight: June 24, 2011 the International Day Against Pollution
The Invisible Danger of the antennas is a real danger, if we silence, we get sick. But we will not shut up: We All Scream, Antennas get Out of Town
Friday, June 24, 2011 International Day against electromagnetic pollution, support from Oikos to the Manifesto

(Source: Antena no Getxo, PECCEM, ASIDES; image: Pako-bcn) and Oikos

International Day against electromagnetic pollution

State Platform against Electromagnetic Pollution (PECEM) has developed a manifesto for this international day against electromagnetic pollution which highlights the recognition internationally of the harmfulness of such contamination and alleges a series of problems still exist such as pressure of lobbying from industry to minimize potential risks, the promotion by the authorities of WiFi, the lack of recognition of the hypersensitivity as a disease, etc.
Posted by OIKOS 7:02 Mataró ENVIRONMENTAL
Tags: June 24 World Day Against EMC Agency picaresque support from Mataró, manifest PECCEM

Evento : APOYO AL MANIFIESTO Día internacional contra CEM
Lugar: A Nivel Mundial, a Nivel Global
Hora: Viernes, 24 de junio de 2011 9:00
Buenos días a todos. Este evento no es presencial, es un evento virtual. Se trata de hacerlo correr a través de vuestros contactos y redes sociales. Por un mundo sin menos contaminación electromagnética. Stop a la Proliferan los “alérgicos” a las redes WiFi
Gracias a todos por colaborar en la difusión a través de la red.

Event: SUPPORT THE MANIFESTO International Day Against EMF
Location: A Worldwide, a Global Level
Time: Friday, June 24, 2011 9:00
Good morning everyone. This event is not attendance, is a virtual event. It is run it through your contacts and social networks. For a world with less electromagnetic pollution. Stop to proliferate "allergic" to WiFi networks
Thank you all for helping to spread through the network.

News Agency for Fraud and picaresque
An initiative of Francisco Canals


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Proliferation of "allergic" to WiFi networks
Posted by agenciaparalapicaresca ⋅ June 18, 2011 ⋅ Comments Off
Statements Francisco Canals, author of the report and director of the News Agency for Fraud and picaresque. Insomnia, fatigue, vomiting and headaches ... are just some of the symptoms experienced by citizens who argue disorders were of a different nature in the presence or proximity of routers and wireless networks. Note: This report is accompanied by a documentary aspect to phones for victims, specialized doctors, screenshots, examples, testimonials, resources, etc. .. Consult press Canals> 933248203

These users report feeling misunderstood in a scenario lacking generational statistics or studies that endorse, statistically, this type of disorder. The lack of historical precedent and the relatively new wireless technologies that conditions there are no protocols or medical professionals highly specialized in detecting these disorders. Many of these users can not be for several minutes before the screen of a computer connected to the Internet without first begin to notice the harmful effects, are the new "allergic to the Internet" people living outside the new technology in a society increasingly tech. The cable connection becomes your only option. It is common that some doctors prescribe antidepressants or refer patients to other specialists in psychiatry circumstance angry and outraged many consumers firmly convinced of their ailments. These are people who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields which are highly vulnerable exposure, come when the victim lives or comes close to the source that generates them. There are different degrees of sensitivity from minor discomfort to people who argue live a nightmare in a society literally invaded by this technology.

The development of information society and access to Internet have increased the presence of these networks already invaded much of the urban space of thousands of municipalities in our country. Some municipalities and public institutions have launched projects to regulate the municipal infrastructure, the case of traffic or traffic light synchronization whose management tends to be increasingly tied to the Internet by procedures as may become the worst nightmare for victims wifi, now grouped in various associations concerned. Routers and WiFi installed in the indoor or office and mobile phones are as affected, the main cause of these symptoms affecting an undetermined number of consumers in our country. Internet has played a key role in the development of knowledge of electrosensitivity, often the victim goes to the commonly known as "Dr. Google" to type their symptoms and contact with hundreds of users report feeling any disorder associated with the proximity of wifi source. Some websites publish advice to avoid the impact of these networks, such as advice not to wear synthetic favor because of static electricity is not convenient to sleep or live in dwellings installed in close proximity to such facilities.

Other previous ranks Sweden as the first country to officially recognize the existence of electrosensitivity as a cause of sick leave. The technology industry also plays a key role in Spain have proliferated different shops and companies specialized in combating the negative influence of the wifi networks. These suppliers and distributors of anti-radiation curtains affected some come to buy and install in the walls of your home. To the list add up all types of detectors and other gadgets that will determine the presence and intensity of these networks and choose the best place to sleep or rest.

Source mentions: Francisco Canals, author of the report. The News Director of the Agency for Fraud and Picaresque.

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