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Olle Johansson, Ph.D. 23/11/2013 , Barcelona (Sp) Health Effects of EMF:A Neurocientist's Views.

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Jornadas de Bioarquitectura:11 vídeos a falta de las Ponencias del próximo 27 Septiembre de 2013.

Jornades de Bioarquitectura - Ponència de Patricia-Montserrat Ferrer
y 11 vídeos más que corresponden a las Jornadas del 24 de Mayo y 18 de Junio de 2013. Falta la Jornada del 27 de Septiembre de 2013.

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

FREE Analog Opt Out from LADWP!!! AND Unfortunately for others, LADWP says YOU MUST SUFFER!!]‏

 FREE Analog Opt Out from LADWP!!!  (The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP))
LADWP gives us a FREE OPT OUT from a harmful, spying, digital meter to a SAFE analog meter!! This is the first free analog opt out in LADWP territory to my knowledge. It happened in March of 2013,…
Agregado el 28/03/2013
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Recently, I happen to have been tasked with being the manager of a beautiful building in the Hollywood Hills.  I went over there to take a little walk around the premises and was immediately bombarded by the unmistakenly horrific pain of pulsed microwave radiation to the head when I was in the vicinity of the digital meter on the side of the building.  I called LADWP to have them remove it and replace it with a safe, non wireless, non radiation emitting analog meter.  They put up a fuss but after about 2 weeks and multiple conversations with upper management about the health effects from these things and going into gory detail about our imminent CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST EDISON, we were finally granted a TOTALLY FREE OPT OUT TO A SAFE ANALOG METER!! 

I was so thrilled to get the free a FREE ANALOG OPT OUT from LADWP for the building - the first of it's kind in LADWP territory - that I made a little video of the LADWP guy doing the install!!...

Unfortunately, my little LADWP bubble that I have been floating in for the passed couple of days was burst yesterday when I watched THIS video of another outcome altogether for a different LADWP customer who also had requested a safe analog meter for herself and her family.

Anura Lawson and her entire family had been experiencing health effects from their newly installed smart meter.  But not only did LADWP refuse to change out their smart meter to a safe analog meter, they also SHUT HER ELECTRICITY OFF when she refused to be harmed by their smart meter!!!  The whole family has been living without electricity for 6 weeks!!!  Please watch the above video for details on this disgusting abuse of power by LADWP, whom for a second there I thought was a righteous and decent utility provider. 

I spoke with our attorney today regarding this inconsistent behavior from LADWP.  So it seems not only will the Lawson family be able to be added as a plaintiff and LADWP as defendant (should they wish to sue), but there also seems to be an additional liability here of DISCRIMINATION!!!  Why did I get to opt out to free analog and the Lawson family did not?  

Right now, LADWP is in the Test Mode for their smart meter roll out., on 52,000 LADWP customers/guinea pigs to see what kind of response they get from customers.  We need to really raise hell about this!!!  If you live in LADWP and DO NOT wish to be a guinea pig for their "smart meter test", call them and let them know!!

Here is the LADWP general phone # to "opt out" of the "smart guinea pig program" 1-800-342-5397

And here is the name and phone # of the senior manager I spoke with who issued the free analog opt out.

Vincent Zabukovec 

Also, I gave a presentation to one of the condominiums slated to be a part of the "LADWP smart guinea pig test" and the whole building is not only opting out but LOCKING UP THEIR ANALOG METERS which I suggest ALL LADWP customers do right now.

I will be following up with LADWP and the Lawson family to try and help them attain a safe analog meter with no fee and would like to encourage anyone else who suffers the same abuse from their utility to SUE THEM as lawsuits seem to be the only thing they respond to.

Please pass this email on to ANYONE YOU KNOW IN THE LADWP AREA.

If you would like to become a plaintiff to our lawsuit and live in Edison territory, please get in touch with me either via email (just hit return and put PLAINTIFF in the heading or at the above phone #).  We are also accepting plaintiffs from other parts of CA for when the law suit opens up to the state after we file.

Liz Barris

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