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Olle Johansson, Ph.D. 23/11/2013 , Barcelona (Sp) Health Effects of EMF:A Neurocientist's Views.

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Request to sign SELETUN APPEL to all the scientists of the world. Link below. Thank you.

Petición para suscribir EL LLAMAMIENTO DE SELETUN a todos los científicos del mundo en el link más abajo. ******************************************************* SELETUN APPEL to deliver in front of the Mobile World Congress February 14, 2011 in Barcelona , at 19.00 p.m. A group of volunteers READ MORE HERE ****************************************************** LAMAMIENTO DE SELETUM. Entrega el 14 de febrero a las 19 horas en el World Mobile Congress of Barcelona, a las 19.00 horas. Este día es el día de San Valanetín, el día de los enamorados, nosostros estamos enamorados de la telefonía con hilos y pedimos el divorcio de la telefonía sin hilos, de la radiación por microondas! *************************************************** Click here to sign SELETUN APPEL

Jornadas de Bioarquitectura:11 vídeos a falta de las Ponencias del próximo 27 Septiembre de 2013.

Jornades de Bioarquitectura - Ponència de Patricia-Montserrat Ferrer
y 11 vídeos más que corresponden a las Jornadas del 24 de Mayo y 18 de Junio de 2013. Falta la Jornada del 27 de Septiembre de 2013.

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

Welcome to Citizens for A Radiation Free Community!

Welcome to Citizens for A Radiation Free Community!

There are MANY violations of human rights happening right now regarding the roll out of smart meters and smart grid in addition to other involuntary radiation exposure to this kind of radiation throughout the world.  If the issue of health effects from exposure to non ionizing radiation (such as from cell phones and cell towers) has been covered up, the roll out of smart meters has BLOWN THE LID off this issue by delivering this radiation in a very personal way, right to each and everyone’s doorstep.  Anger is mounting about this ubiquitous, mandatory exposure to this carcinogenic, privacy invading device and infrastructure and people are beginning to wake up  and do something about it!
And we are no exception…Currently, we are organizing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against our local Southern CA utility provider, Edison, regarding HEALTH EFFECTS from SMART METERS/SMART GRID. However, this law suit will open up to ALL UTILITY CUSTOMERS in the state of CA once we file.  If you or your loved ones believe you have been harmed physically by smart meters or smart grid and would like to be included in this CONTINGENCY (attorney covers court, filing and expert witness costs) law suit, please contact us. 
If you are not an Edison customer but would like to sue your utility for health effects from smart meters/smart grid, please also contact us as this law suit will open to you once we have filed.
Some of the known health effects associated with smart meters are:
Birth Defects
Burning Sensations
Ear Pain
Heart Arrhythmia
Heart Attack
Interference with medical implant devices
Neurological Illnesses
Nose Bleeds
Reproductive Problems
Skin Rashes

If you would like to sue your utility for any of the other known violations associated with smart meters/smart grid, such as over billing, privacy invasion or fire hazard, please get in touch with us for this too, as we may be able to direct you to law suits already forming in your area on these issues, or perhaps with enough plaintiffs, we will take some of these issues on in the near future.

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